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Although most husbands/boyfriends would absolutely love a gift of sultry photos of his lady, many of us are too shy or intimidated to even consider it.  Maybe you're nervous about being semi-nude in front of the photographer, worried you won't know how to pose, or just plain hate your body and don't think the pictures will turn out well at all!  Hopefully reading this will help to ease your fears. 
Let me start off by saying that you don't have to be a size zero model to get great boudoir photos!  There is a multitude of poses that can camouflage trouble areas.  Remember that your partner loves you just the way you are.  Although you may feel self-conscious at first, after a little while you'll be more at ease.  I and everyone on my team is very laid back, and we love to laugh and joke.  After we get a few good shots that I can show you on the camera, you will probably begin to get excited about them.  Before long, you'll be strutting your stuff with confidence!  Many women say that this experience leaves them feeling beautiful and sexy.  Think of this as a treat to yourself.  Buy some new sexy underwear, come to your scheduled shoot with no makeup. Then come to the resort for some breathtaking photographs.  I encourage you to bring a friend along if it will make you more comfortable.  It's always nice to have another person there to help pay attention to details and make suggestions, and it keeps the mood light.
There is nothing wrong with being nervous!  Most of my clients are, and I understand that.  I offer free pre-session consultations with EVERY session I shoot, so you can come in and meet me, we can talk it over, and get a feel for how everything works.  I don’t expect you to just show up and pose in your lingerie without knowing what you’re getting into!  Our whole philosophy is built around creating a fun, relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere for you.
Are you concerned about your pictures being used in advertising or on Facebook?  Well, let me assure you that I would never, ever use your photos without your permission.  I post sneak peeks of other types of sessions on Facebook all the time if clients request them (and even then, I'd take them down if anybody asked me to), but boudoir pictures are completely different.  I respect your privacy, and you are under no obligation to share these with anybody.  If, on the other hand, you want to share, I will gladly post them!  You will be able to view your photos via a password-protected online gallery that is included in the price of the sitting fee.  That's it.  You can order prints and products through my website. ( www.DSPHOTOGRAPHY.Zenfolio.com ) 
Before you see your images, I go through each image and give it a magazine-style makeover to make your pictures really pop.  I will remove stretch marks or scars at your request, but I’ve met a lot of women who are very proud of their “mommy marks”, and prefer to keep them in their photos.  There is no charge for any of my standard retouching services.  Just be up front with me with what you want so I know how to approach your retouching.
One of the questions I get the MOST in my boudoir consultations is…”What do I wear??”  While every woman is different and I give different recommendations for everyone, I thought it might be a good idea to provide a little baseline on what I like to shoot the most!
Before we get into it, keep these things in mind:
Your shoot is about YOU – make sure whatever you wear is something you love.
Size matters!  If you’re looking for something with cups, make sure you know your size for the brand you’re wearing.  Hint: the size you wear for your photos may not be the size you wear everyday!
Let your outfit highlight your best assets!
Ok, time for the list!
10. Corsets
I know what you’re thinking.  “How are corsets not #1?  This list is crap.”  But, hear me out!  Corsets are great for boudoir photos.  They’re fun, they’re elegant, they’re sexy…they look awesome!  However, there are some things to consider before making a beeline to the corset rack and skipping over everything else.
Corsets are not comfortable.  If they’re laced up right, they’re hard to breathe in, hard to move in, and hard to look happy in.  What this can translate to on my end is difficulty in posing and expression.  BUT, sometimes it’s just worth it!
If you’re a subscriber to the “Pain is Beauty” philosophy, then rock that corset and those 6-inch heels and let’s make some magic!  Please don’t show up to your session with your corset under your clothes, though…those lines won’t go away!
9. His ________
Again, I know this is a frequent chart-topper for most boudoir photographers’ lists…and there’s a reason for it!  But, let’s change it up a little :)
So, unless you’re married to Barney Stinson, I’m going to recommend staying away from bringing his dress clothes to your shoot.  I can get (and have gotten!) great shots with his dress shirt and tie, and if that’s important to you/him, I’ll absolutely do it again!  But, if it’s just an idea you have because you’ve seen it a million times, maybe that’s a great reason to do something different.  Rather than reminding him of his 9-to-5, remind him of something he loves!  Wear his workout shirt, his favorite rock band t-shirt…something he’d love to see you in on Saturday morning.
8. A Sexy Little Dress
Boudoir doesn’t have to be all about lingerie!  I’m totally down with shooting you in a killer cocktail dress, dressed to the nines.  Or, consider the “Illusion” dress from Frederick’s! It’s a sheer dress, but solid in all the “right” areas.
7. Baby Dolls
Soft, sexy, cute, and forgiving…baby dolls are a great option!  They give you support where you need it and coverage where you want it.  If you’re self-conscious about your mid-section (like 97% of people are!), a baby doll may be a great choice for you.  They come in all varieties of sheer and solid so that you have total control over how much you’re showing off!
 6. High Heels
This one may seem like a no-brainer, but let me clarify just a little.  Heels are good, HIGH heels are GREAT!  If you want to make that booty pop (and you know you do…and if you don’t, he does!), nothing will do that better than a great pair of high heels.  2″ heels are not high heels.
You could also just go barefoot, depending on the look you’re going for, but if you’re going to wear heels…wear heels!  There are a ton of great places to get a hot pair of heels, so don’t necessarily get hung up on where you typically shoe shop.
 5. Something Scandalous
As if you’re not already pushing the bounds of your comfort zone, right?  You’d be surprised how good you might look in something that is just way out there!  I’ll leave more of this to the imagination because there are too many killer lingerie pieces to mention, but when you’re out trying things on, don’t rule anything out based on what it looks like on the hanger.
If one of the girls hands you something that makes you go, “Whoa, that’s a little much (or little),” do yourself a favor and try it on anyway.  You still may not be convinced, but I have heard story after story from our clients saying, “She handed me this and I thought, ‘No way…’, but then I put it on and couldn’t believe how good it looked!”.
 4. Weekend Wear
This goes hand-in-hand with “his favorite rock t-shirt”, but makes it more about you!  Got a great burnout t-shirt and boyshorts?  That’s perfect!  Boudoir isn’t always about the frills and lace.  Find something that you are totally comfortable in and look super-cute in, and you’ve got the makings of a great set.  We can always take it off halfway through, right? :)
Tank tops, oversized t-shirts/sweaters, short shorts, hot jeans, just a robe?  All great outfits for a boudoir shoot.  Remember, it’s about you!
3. Bra and Panties
Don’t forget the simple answer.  If you’re going to take pictures in your underwear, take pictures in your underwear!  You can go totally casual with it and be the next Aerie poster-girl or you can wear that sexy new bra and panty set you picked up at Victoria’s Secret to wear under the dress you’re wearing to that party next weekend. 
Make sure the bra is a perfect fit and make sure the panties are comfortable!  Your bra may be a size smaller than you’re used to and your panties may be a size bigger.  Lace-top panties are great, too, because they won’t “cut in”, so to speak.  Panties with a rouged butt are also definite winners.  Thongs are great, too, as long as they fit right!
If you’re really self-conscious about your mid-section and will feel too uncomfortable in a bra and panty set, that’s totally ok!  Maybe wear it under a robe or chemise so you can still show a peek without feeling too vulnerable :)
2. Bustier
The bustier is the step-sister to the corset.  Still not necessarily the most comfortable thing in the world, but it solves one problem that corsets can’t!  It’s got cups.  Where a corset may flatten your chest from sheer compression, a bustier will provide support with an underwire and formed cups.
Looking for something a little more risqué?  Bustiers also come cup-less!  They’ll still have the underwire to give that little bit of support, while cinching in the waist and letting you show off the rest.
All-in-all, bustiers can be your best friend – coverage throughout the midsection, more comfortable than a corset (maybe just barely), and support where you want it.  I don’t recommend them for every set, but if you’re wanting some really sexy lingerie, don’t overlook bustiers!
And now, the number one thing to wear for your boudoir photo shoot……
1. Nothing!
Who says I’m not budget-conscious?  Even if you don’t want to show it all in your photos, having a set (or two or three) where you’re only covering with a sheet, prop, or creative pose can really spice up your album.  We can creat poses and coverage options that highlight your favorite features without using wardrobe!
I do shoot nudes as well, but I do so tastefully (think Playboy).  If you’re proud of your body, and/or have worked hard to get it, artistic nudes are a great way to remember it! A lot of my clients that have done nudes have commented that it was very empowering and a great experience!
Whatever your preference, I’ve shot it all before, so just be up front with me when it comes to how revealing you want your photos to be!  I’m all about having a good time and keeping it light, so just come and have fun! 
(Derrick -- Photographer, DSPhotography)