Zenfolio | DSPhotography | Preparing for your shoot with DS Photography


Some ground rules when shooting with DSPhotography :)



The time you pay for is the "Shooting time," this is the time that we will be at the location of the shoot. Unlike many photographers, I don't "clock watch". I sincerely shoot until we "get it". This time is approximate to help you plan your day.


I have every intention to accommodate your work or school schedule. No minimum advance notice is required, but I do ask that you do try to give me the best-advanced notice possible. Help me to help you :). Simply email me with several preferred date & time options and I'll confirm back to you with what works. Let's get you scheduled up so you can start enjoying the benefits of great photos as soon as possible.


Please arrive at the photo shoot with your hair already done, I do offer a hair/Makeup artist at additional cost, and if you are interested, please let me know. I suggest you do your hair the way you normally wear it...so you are recognizable if you were to show up at an audition, job interview, or speaking engagement. Bring any hair products and/or brushes you may need for touch ups during the shoot.


Most often you will want to choose solids and to keep your clothing simple. Patterns and stripes are acceptable if they aren't too bold or distracting. Stay away from shiny material, large logos, or anything overly trendy (as this will limit your time use of your photos) Remember...your eyes should be the focus of your Portraits.


The fit of your clothing is very important. Bulky oversized clothing will add nothing to your photo. Choose clothing that is flattering and fits you well. For body 3/4 shots bring flattering dark jeans or black pants/skirt.

When combining clothes it is a good idea to create contrast.

For example: with a dark colored jacket wear a lighter toned or different colored top underneath. With a light colored jacket wear a darker toned or different colored top underneath.

Women should generally bring a variety of necklines (mostly open neck), straps, tank tops, V-necks, sleeveless, etc... Button down/collared shirts and turtlenecks tend to compete with your hair if it's long. If you have a dress with a flattering neckline, that's an option too.

Men should generally bring button down/collared shirts and polos are always great. Fitted sweaters can work. T-shirts: V-neck/crew neck make for good layering pieces or on their own.


When choosing colors, it's always a good idea to choose colors that bring out and enhance your eye and hair color. Bring the "you look good in that color" shirt. Darker colors usually work best. Jewel tones opposed to pastels. And, "when in doubt, wear black!” Choose items that are at least one shade darker than your skin tone so that your face stands out. Lighter shades and stark whites are fine if worn UNDER a darker jacket, shirt, or sweater. If you are a person with a dark skin tone, forget everything I just said, and lighter color clothes are good.


IRON your items the night before the shoot so you are pressed, not stressed the day of your shoot.

Rules can be broken! If you have clothes you like that make you feel attractive...bring them.

Please don't bring your entire wardrobe...but if you are unsure, bring more not less.



If you as the Client need transportation to the shoot(s), I as the photographer will need to know in advance. An additional fee may be required if I will need to drive to your location and pick up you/your equipment. 


Editing of all Photos that are presented to you, as the client will be edited. There will be no additional cost for me to edit them; it is standard for all shoots, no matter what I am photographing for you